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The material contained within the webpages of GreenTeam Fitness is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication and is solely for informational purposes; changing circumstances of GreenTeam may mean some details  according to this website may be different from that which is advertised. 

GreenTeam Fitness accepts no liability for any loss or damage  arising from the result of using information from this website, or accessed via any links within these pages.

Privacy Policy

Within the domain of GreenTeam Fitness you may find websites over which GreenTeam has no control, and therefore you are encouraged to check the privacy policy of these websites.

GreemTeam Fitness respects your right to privacy and data protection and does not collect any information about website visitors other than that which has been volunteered by the user(e.g. email addresses when making enquiries). All information gathered is used solely for the purposes it was gathered for

(e.g. answering queries). 

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