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Want a hardcore workout that will leave you buzzing and brimming with energy?

...then GreenTeam's bootcamps are just the thing. Through a mixture of HIIT, circuit training, weights, kettlebells, races, games and team challenges, GreenTeam will put you through your paces and increase your strength and aerobic fitness in a matter of weeks. We are NOT a military style bootcamp and we NEVER shout at our members; you will never hear our instructors yell "drop and give me twenty"! Fun and team work get the job done.

Current class schedule

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all bootcamps are currently on hold; please check back soon or add yourself to our mailing list to register your interest



All of our bootcamp classes are held in Cabinteely park, Dublin 18; our meeting point is in front of Cabinteely House next to the main carpark. Please do not bring any valuables.
An 8 week bootcamp
course costs €79
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