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Running Courses

Running is the simplest form of exercise and also one of the best; if you learn how to do it right...

At GreenTeam we love to run; we would ditch our cars and run everywhere if we could. But we remember feeling very daunted by the idea of running our first 5k so we have made two courses that will make the learning process much easier and much more enjoyable. Our beginners course takes the complete novice up to running 5k (approx. 35 mins) in 8 weeks, while our improvers course helps those already running to improve their pace, distance and technique, while exploring their neighbourhood and making new running buddies. 

1:1 Run Coaching: We often come across runners who have been running for years but have never really learnt about correct technique and running form, so maybe find their running has plateaued or they keep getting niggles or injuries. 1:1 coaching may be useful therefore, if you would like help with your technique or are coming back after an injury. It may also suit if you would like to learn to run/ improve your running at a time & location that suits you. 

Upcoming Courses...


  • Evening Running Club schedule: ​

Improvers: twice weekly on Tuesdays @ 6.15pm for 8 weeks (option of once weekly if required, €90)

Evening Beginners: twice weekly on Tuesdays @ 7.15pm for 8 weeks.


  • Remote running programmes continue: an 8 week course, fully supported by a coach through WhatsApp or your preferred medium (Zoom, email, phone...). Both Beginner (0-5k) & Improver courses available, €120 per course. 

Contact us to book your place!


All of our running courses meet in Shrewsbury Lawn, Cabinteely. From there we run a variety of different routes each week.




Evening Running Club €130

(twice weekly for 8 weeks)

1:1 Running Coaching €50 per hour

8 week online course €120 

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