GreenTeam Fitness was established in 2014 to meet the needs of people wishing to improve their health and fitness outside of the gym environment. We are so lucky in Dublin and Wicklow to have beautiful outdoor spaces to train in and the 'feel good factor' of exercising in fresh air cannot be underestimated and cannot be replicated in the gym.









For those times when its not possible to be outside, we set up classes within the local community so that our clients may feel more connected with their local areas and engage more with people around them. 

We believe that exercise is not just about getting fit; it is about feeling good, making new friends, feeling energised and improving overall quality of life; training in the outdoors will certainly do that, and we ensure are classes and personal  training sessions are fun and well challenging of course. This holistic approach to fitness led us to develop options for all types of fitness, from strength (bootcamps) to flexibility (Pilates) to cardio/ aerobic fitness (running), and also for all life stages, from corporate classes to older adult fitness...there is sure to be an option right for you. 






Older Adult fitness class

So whether you are considering making a change in your lifestyle and would like to learn how to run, or perhaps you can already run but would like to learn how to improve your pace and technique in a social setting, GreenTeam can help. Perhaps you have injuries or health concerns, GreenTeam's specialised approach to Pilates can help, or 1:1 personal training may be the thing for you. Please browse through our website and contact us to make a plan to improve your health and fitness today. 

Profile of GreenTeam Fitness Owner and Operator:

Clare Ryan

Clare changed career in 2013 and began her training as a fitness instructor with the National Council for Exercise and Fitness (NCEF) through the University of Limerick. She now holds a BSc. in Exercise and Health Fitness and is currently studying a Masters in Exercise & Nutrition Science.














Her studies came from an enthusiasm in fitness that only really started in her twenties; while always being somewhat 'outdoorsy' she was in no way fit and had never run a day in her life! The turning  point came in 2009 when she walked the Flora Women's MiniMarathon in Dublin and was inspired by all those ordinary yet extraordinary women running the full 10k and exuding such positivity for life. She joined her local running club the next day with a friend and never looked back; within 4 months she ran her first marathon and her love of long distance running took her to New York and Prague for marathons there as well as ultramarathoning over the Wicklow Mountains and eventually winning the Achill Ultramarathon in 2016. 



















Clare completing the NYC marathon, 2015

Despite this, Clare still identifies with 'exercise newbies' and loves to teach beginners how to run, remembering clearly how she felt as a rookie back in 2009. She has learned a lot along the way, and recognises the need to work on muscle strengthening and stretching as well as cardio fitness, and hence her interest in Pilates developed. She has met so many new friends through her efforts to get fit, and her quality of life went through the roof, so she decided to set up GreenTeam Fitness so that she could help others experience that too.

GreenTeam Fitness


 Personal Training

" When I was told I needed to do strengthening exercises I decided to engage a Personal Trainer to guide me. Enter Clare; what a wonderful choice! Apart from all the necessary qualifications, Clare is hugely interested and enthusiastic. She is also realistic and, while her targets are challenging, they are also attainable and she is flexible (no pun intended) and ever-willing to modify. She is completely professional and liaised very carefully with my physio before we started. She follows up on sessions with clearly written directions and the next session combines a recap of the previous one. There are no short-cuts and one of the things I value most is her attention to 'form', thus saving me from falling into the trap of doing the correct exercises incorrectly. Although she is very encouraging, she doesn't let me away with anything. I find sessions with her to be very motivating and I look forward to them and feel energised after them. I have no hesitation in recommending Clare as an enthusiastic, conscientious, passionate, fair-minded and meticulous Personal Trainer. She has all the attributes required to be a great PT and she has a great sense of fun as well!"


Running Courses


"I couldn't recommend Green Team Fitness more. Clare is extremely encouraging and is genuinely interested in her clients progress. Unlike fitness fanatics that have put me off in the past, Clare is a friendly, normal instructor whose motto was always, 'if I can do it, so can anyone, you just have to show up and put in the work'. No matter what our lovely Irish weather threw at us, Clare was always reliable and showed up each week with heartfelt enthusiasm, plenty of helpful knowledge and tips and a smile on her face. I really found the holistic approach helpful, Clare has a lot of knowledge not only about fitness and well-being but also about nutrition. If you are looking to improve your fitness and have a greater sense of well-being GreenTeam Fitness is great value for what you get in return"


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